Get out and vote

Published 9:46 pm Saturday, October 24, 2009

On Tuesday, registered voters will have the opportunity to have their voices heard twice: once for school board members to serve the Selma City Schools and the other on a proposed $12 million bond issue.

Some people have said they will stay at home because they do not care about the school board or the bond issue. Others say they have no children in the schools, so the election does not matter to them. Still others say their vote will not make a difference, so they will stay at home.

What a shame.

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When we register to vote, we are in effect saying we will participate in this republican democracy. We say we will make choices of people and issues as a single voice in a much greater community.

Registering to vote is a right. That right was fought for here harder than in most places in the United States. Some people died in that struggle.

Casting the ballot is a responsibility. Once people register to vote their obligation is to do their homework in the days coming up to the election and on election day cast that ballot based on what they know about the issues or candidates at hand.

No matter the weather or the temper of the day, Tuesday is an election day. If you are a registered voter, it’s your obligation to cast that ballot at your polling place.