School board prepares for election

Published 3:08 am Friday, October 23, 2009

SELMA — The Selma City School Board completed some housecleaning items before the upcoming Oct. 27 election.

Tuesday is when the present school board, appointed by members of the Selma City Council, becomes an elected school board, chosen by registered voters in the city.

On Thursday the board reviewed the language in its policies, officially changing “appointed” to

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The amendments also reflect that there will now be only five members on the board, instead of the 11.

The school board made other changes, too.

The superintendent also is now allowed to bring a revision for health policies to the board at any meeting.

This is to reflect the need for potential procedures for healthcare events, such as an outbreak of H1N1 flu or swine flu, in the city school system.

Graduation standards state that if a student does not complete all required standardized testing and classes, students may not walk at graduation.

Special education students have been allowed to walk with a certificate of completion because these students do not necessarily have the same academic requirements and examinations.

The policy now states that students must complete all requirements unless on an individualized education plan.

Most of the policies were discussed in a work session with school board members dotting i’s and crossing t’s.

Immediately after the work session, school board members organized themselves into a regular session.

During the regular session the incumbent board members unanimously voted to adopt all the changes to the policies discussed during the work session.