Pshaw! Global warming, too many children being born?

Published 8:02 pm Monday, October 12, 2009

Dear Editor,

Global warming is a fact, and birth control is essential for the survival of humankind. People with large families, like Mrs. Duggar, pose a threat to our environment. Or so said Mr. Robert Walker in his Sept.9 editorial. I, however, believe these ideals are false and inaccurate.

Many scientists doubt the current global warming hype, especially the theory that increased carbon dioxide levels have led to higher global temperatures. But the glaciers melting — isn’t that evidence for global warming?

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Not necessarily. Dr. J. L. Wile says it is perfectly natural for the earth to undergo periodic warming and cooling phases.

A team of scientists from Harvard University reviewed scientific studies on past global temperatures, and their research indicated that the earth was significantly warmer between the 9th and 14th centuries than it is today. Global temperatures then dropped between the 17th and 19th centuries, creating what scientists now call the “Little Ice Age”.

Mr. Walker asked whether our planet can “handle an additional 2.5 billion human beings by mid-century?”

There are about 7.4 trillion square feet in the state of Texas, and about 6.8 billion people on planet Earth. If we all decided to pack up and head to Texas, each of 6.8 billion people would receive 1,101 square feet of room. As Texas is about .00467 percent of the earth’s land surface, that would leave the other 99.9 percent for crops and industries. I think the world can indeed handle another 2.5 billion people!

As for the ‘birth dearth’ so scorned by Mr. Walker, it is still a threat around the globe. According to World Magazine, “in Europe the birthrate is 1.38,compared to 2.1 — the rate needed for societal survival.”

With careful stewardship and common sense, we can easily cultivate our planet’s potential to support future generations.

Have all the children you want, Mrs. Duggar.

Lena Glaze