Reader concerned with lack of jobs in Selma

Published 12:23 am Thursday, October 8, 2009

I am very concerned about the lack of jobs in Selma. Is anyone else? If so, I haven’t spoken with many of them!

Mainly the people who seem to be upset, are the ones now in fear of losing their jobs because of down sizing in the few larger companies here in town.

Aside from the few and far in between job fairs, which actually do not give the prospective employee much, where is the concern here for the welfare of our citizens? There is never more than three to five job listings in the STJ on any given day, and not one online in STJ classifieds as of my writing this letter.

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If there are ample jobs available, where can the average person find them? The employment office lists mainly jobs that are out of the Selma area, besides that fact, who can sit for hours upon hours waiting to talk with the employment specialists?

Whatever happened to making an appointment, and then actually getting to speak with someone on time? There is also the trend of hiring a “friend of a friend,” so that if you don’t know almost everyone in Selma, you don’t get hired!

It seems as if all the jobs are either in Prattville or Montgomery. What is to become of Selma?

I see a restaurant or some other small store opening here and there, but where are jobs? Where is the push to get larger companies to come to Selma? This was top of the list of concerns for Selma at one time, but now seems to have fallen by the wayside.

If our elected representatives can’t seem to bring jobs here, what do we do? Move out of the area? Is Selma to become a ghost town?

Say it isn’t so, Selma!

Eva Seekers