Praises for Sen. Richard Shelby and balanced budget

Published 10:59 pm Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear editor,

Senator Shelby:

I commend you for re-introducing the “Balanced Budget Amendment.” Its time is far past due. However, its chances of passing is probably slim and next to none.

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It should be disturbing to every American the amount of debt being passed on to generations to come. But, the facts do not bear that statement out. The liberals are quite happy with living high today and letting tomorrow take care of itself. If the present rate of spending is continued and the ill advised socialized health care reform is imposed on the people, our country will likely go into receivership, or something similar, in the near future. This reckless spending by the federal government has to be checked in some manner.

I applaud you for your work and concerns for the future of our country. As a veteran who was proud to serve and for my many combat veteran friends who fought under extremely difficult conditions, the self deprivation, suffering and brutality known only to them, I’m very disappointed with the direction our country has turned. All the patriot blood and treasure spent to sustain a free and strong nation is in jeopardy. Instead of being strong and proud, we are begging our enemies to finance our debt. No good end can come from all of this.

Keep up the fight and you have my unwavering support.

James G. Smith