Parents and teachers get to know one another

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SELMA — What a reverse!

The children stayed at home Monday from Selma City Schools while the parents went back to the classroom.

The daylong event was designed to better acquaint parents and teacher and to allow parents to know something about school rules.

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Jeanne Brust is principal of Meadowview Elementary, which had a steady turnout of parents during the day.

She seemed particularly proud of parents who were coming in and signing up to volunteer.

Educational studies show children with at least one volunteer parent in the schools have an advantage over other students when it comes to taking tests.

The studies show children of families with at least one school volunteer in the family score higher than children whose parents do not volunteer.

Principal Beth Taylor at Byrd Elementary said parent involvement has dropped somewhat in the last few years.

“Parents may feel uncomfortable coming in and maybe [this program] will help,” she said.

Taylor said about a dozen parents visited. She hoped more parents went to the parenting seminar and luncheon at the Performing Arts Center.

Those parents at Byrd signed up to volunteer as well.