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Salaries return to normal, increase mayor’s budget

SELMA — The mayor’s office will require $12,447.93 more in 2010 than in 2009.

Wages and salaries in this department account for the greatest variance, $9,133.14.

“We are restoring the 12.5 percent that we took our last year in city employees’ pay,” said Mayor George Evans. “That’s being done citywide.”

The mayor’s office budget had spent $136,673.20 through Aug. 31. The amended budget had a total of $175,642.50. The proposed budget totals $188,090.43.

Other increases include the city’s portion of FICA and for retirement, which shows on line items outside the salaries.

The mayor’s office added $2,000 for pens, pencils, printer cartridges and other miscellaneous items. This line item did not show up in either actual expenses or the amended budget.

Special projects including $5,000. Those projects are unknown, according to the mayor. This line item did not carry with it a variance for the budget, however.

The proposed budget for the mayor’s office also includes $3,000 carried over for office chairs and office equipment.

Among those items that dropped: the vehicle allowance for Evans at $600 a month and for the administrative assistant, two months at $100.

Three employees are listed in the mayor’s office. Mechelle Armstrong at a proposed salary for 2010 of $24,148.80 as a secretary; Mayor George Evans at a proposed salary of $70,000 for the new fiscal year; and Brenda Smothers, executive assistant at a total proposed annual salary of $32,500.

The mayor’s office proposed budget also allows for $1,500 in overtime and $26,641.63 in benefits for the three employees.