An open letter to President Obama about his policies

Published 12:41 am Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dear editor,

What follows below is a letter to our president, Barack Hussein Obama.

Dear Mr. President:

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When will you ever understand that the people that matter most in this, the greatest nation on Earth, have been sending you a loud and clear message for many weeks now? However, for some strange reason you just don’t seem to get it, do you?

The people that I’m referring to, Mr. President are the regular, everyday citizens of America. Many of these are the people who attended the congressional town hall meetings that were held all over the country during August. Our political representatives from both houses got an earful from thousands of concerned and sometimes angry attendees.

As you must know, Mr. President, the main thrust of the town hall contentious rhetoric, coming from the citizens, had to do with the bad health care bill you are trying to ram down our throats. Truth be known, about 80 percent of Americans are satisfied with the health programs they currently have.

The overriding problem is what the “tea parties” and the recent march on Washington by tens of thousands have been all about. These people, according to most of the national polls, are in the majority, and they don’t like what you are trying to sell. They are against the federal government takeover on all of the programs you have been pushing.

Again, I must beg the question: whose side are you on anyway? You have just lifted the missile shields program from our Eastern European allies, Poland and the Czech Republic. Those shields represented a national commitment made by George W. Bush. Your timing was perfect Mr. President in that this concession to Moscow came on the 70th anniversary of the Red Army’s invasion of Poland.

You have been vacillating on the Afghan troop increase requests from our generals, and Iran, with their nuclear threat, has been in open defiance versus your impotent protests. Have you forgotten that your top priority is national security?

What this country really needs is smaller government, lower taxes, a super-strong military and a multitude of many, many other improvements that will take us in the opposite direction from your socialistic big-government plan.

Byrd Looper