Let the sun shine in

Published 2:13 am Friday, October 2, 2009

Finally, we reach the point in city government where the Selma City Council is publicly discussing items they’ve had for nearly two weeks without sharing same with the public.

In the beginning, Mayor George Evans and every council member elected talked about a “transparent government.”

So, where is the transparency?

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Even if the budget is “a work in progress” it should have been made public.

The proposed budget contains many avenues for questions by the public.

Selma has a history of political action. Many people attend Selma’s public meetings — not just those of the city council, but of the school board and the county commission.

E-mails are flying fast and furious from council members to the council president.

Your council members are being “polled” by the council president to get their view on different issues, including the budget.

The Alabama Open Meetings Act prevents all voting by secret ballot.

The Alabama Open Meetings Act prevents the use of electronic media and communications to circumvent the goal of an open meeting.

Funny thing about transparency, it’s opaque to those who set the rules.