Today is ‘Be Ready Sunday’

Published 11:46 pm Saturday, September 26, 2009

SELMA — If you’re not prepared for a disaster, then today is your opportunity to get ready.

This is “Be Ready Sunday,” a nationwide movement for people to ensure they are ready for anything that might happen — natural or manmade.

“This collaborated effort of agencies has an intended purpose to help to educate all citizens about the importance of being prepared for disasters,” said Rhonda Abbott, interim director of the Dallas County Emergency Agency.

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Earlier in the week, Abbott contacted all churches in the area, asking ministers to put information about preparedness in their bulletins to make Dallas County a more educated community about disasters.

The information given churches today would provide a list of people who would need special assistance, the insurance information for instruments and other valuables at the church.

The questionnaire also asks for those members who know first aid, such as CPR.

The efforts are part of Gov. Bob Riley’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives and the Alabama Department of Homeland Security.

The governor’s office said the business community is vulnerable to a number of natural disasters, such as hurricanes.

“For Alabama continued economic viability, the state is launching a program for small to mid-sized businesses to have an all-purpose disaster plan that will allow them to return to operation after a disaster,” the governor’s office said.

Families also are encouraged to decide what they will do in an emergency, said Riley.

A family plan includes developing a plan for a shelter-in-place, prepare an evacuation plan and have a family communications plan.

“This is important to everyone,” Abbott said.