Fan should stick by their high school athletics teams

Published 7:26 pm Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear editor,

Dallas County High School Football team has had to go through many trials this year. First they started off with a new coaching staff.

Second, the first game of the season, the team had several starting players get injuries that ended their season.

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Third, sickness has really hit the team hard and if that wasn’t enough; one of their teammates has been diagnosed with cancer.

These trials would get the most of any person or team. The DCHS football team needs your prayers and support. We need to boost the moral as individuals and as a community.

As a community, we should encourage all our young people to strive for their best; no matter if it is football, cheerleading, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf or band.

The teams of these organizations can not do this alone. These kids put a lot of work into bringing us entertainment.

I know the ultimate goal is to win but if our attitudes are right, we learn from mistakes and still hold our heads up; isn’t that the most important part?

This does not only apply to Dallas Co. We should support and encourage all of our community athletes.

If they are taught the right lessons on the field it will stick with them in everyday life.

Please go out and support our area schools. Show these athletes that they are important and win or lose they are winners in our community.

We show our support for Alabama and Auburn by wearing their colors; why not show your colors for our local athletes?

Tammy Helms

Proud Parent

And Supporter of DCHS

Valley Grande