Jesus Christ has the team with the best winning record

Published 10:49 pm Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear editor,

What winning team are you talking about? Alabama, Auburn Tigers, Atlanta Brave. I hear Moore Stewart say they were the winning team. There are a lot of teams around.

The team I like best is Jesus Christ and his followers.

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If you need to be on a willing team, please let Jesus Christ come live in your heart and turn your life over to Jesus Christ. This is the best team to be on.

Jesus Christ paid a big price for you and me. Read about it in the bible, John 3:16.

If only you will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. He wants you to believe and he will save your soul from hell and a burning lake of fire like we have never seen or experienced.

Then we can say together, “I am on a winning team. “

I have been on a winning team 70 years and never been sorry from Day One. I was raised up to know the Lord Jesus Christ and what he can and will do life.

I am an 11-year survivor of cancer — twice — praise the Lord.

Steve Craig says, “Amen.”

Thank God for the winning teams who prayed for us both.

Prayer works. Try it. It works. Let Jesus Christ come live in your life forever. Please join me and be on Jesus Christ’s winning team.

God bless all who read this and join Jesus Christ winning team. If you are not a member; if you need to be a member of a winning team, come give Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church a try.

There are a lot out there. Come join a church where the Bible is taught and read from and a lot of winning teams worship our Lord and savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are a lot of team members out there who want to help and show you the way and tell you about Jesus Christ and what a difference he has made in their lives.

I am going to do something the devil has never done. I am going to leave you alone.

Patsy Presley