Fitts announces candidacy for school board president

Published 12:43 am Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dr. Anne M. Fitts has announced her candidacy for Selma City School Board president in the Oct. 27 election.

The president of the school board is elected at-large.

Fitts has worked as a volunteer or paid teacher all her adult life. When her children attended Selma public schools, she and her husband, Alston, were always active in PTA. As co-president with her husband of Westside Middle school she organized an in-school tutoring program and a talent show.

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She is a sitting school board member in her second term.

“I believe my services are needed to help a new superintendent and a new school board work together to build a new high school, provide new educational opportunities for our students and help our children get the best education to reach their individual goals. I am passionate about helping every child to receive a great education,” Fitts said.

Fitts is board-trained. She has achieved master status in the Alabama Association of School boards Academy.

“I know the laws governing school boards and I know our local policies,” she said.

Fitts said she attends meetings faithfully and comes prepared to discuss and vote on the issues.

“I work with superintendent and the board,” Fitts said. “I treat everyone with respect. If I disagree with a proposal of the superintendent, I let him know immediately so he will be able to supply facts I have missed or adjust his recommendation so I can support it. I recognize the authority belongs to the whole board working together, not to a single member.”

Fitts taught nine years at the University of Montevallo and 12 years at Concordia College. In retirement, she has tutored at the St. Edmund Learning Center GED program as a volunteer.

She has served as president of the Catholic women’s club. She has been a PTO officer at Edgewood, Westside Middle School and Selma High. She was president of the Rural Health Medical Board, Alabama Tale Tellin’ Festival and the Christian Services for Children board.

Fitts has served as chairperson of the Humanities Department at Concordia College. In Montevalllo she organized area churches for a Fourth of July celebration fundraiser to benefit the community charities sponsored by University Baptist. Church. She organized the first Vacation Bible School for Our Lady Queen of Peace Church in Selma.

Fitts earned her bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate at the University of Alabama.

She and her husband have three children: Lida, Mary Alston and Ruth and two grandchildren.