Red-light cameras may soon be used

Published 10:44 pm Thursday, September 3, 2009

The days of waiting a half-minute before going through a green light here for fear of getting run over by a red-light runner may be over a year from now.

Members of the Selma City Council are seriously considering installation of red light cameras in the city.

Mayor George Evans seems in favor of the project.

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“It would not cost anything and we could install them in places where there is high traffic,” he said.

Graham L. Champion, chairman of Public Strategies LLC, told council members Tuesday his company would want to perform an assessment soon to determine which areas are suitable for camera recorders on poles at intersections near traffic signals.

“It won’t cost you anything,” he said.

If the council decides to go along with the project, Champion’s company would give the government body a sample bill to submit to the Alabama Legislature, which would have to approve the project before Selma could receive the cameras.

Champion said his company would install the cameras at no cost to the city, taking a portion of the fines to pay for their expense.

“The city would need an officer to review the pictures,” Champion said.

The city council didn’t take any action on the presentation. Council member the Rev. Dr. Cecil Williamson said he would like for the council to consider the measure.

“We need to talk about it, at least,” he said.