Reader disapproves of ghost hunts in cemetaries

Published 8:20 pm Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear Editor,

I would like to sound a note of concern on behalf of the historic cemeteries in Dallas County which have recently been used as venues for the paranormal research activities reported by the STJ and touted by the Tourism Council.

While I am most certainly in favor of daytime use and enjoyment of historic cemeteries, I am opposed to anything that might desecrate or damage the graves and historic monuments there.

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I do not think it is wise or proper for Dallas County’s cemeteries to be included in any self-guided ghost hunting tours. The idea of anyone, particularly casual visitors, stumbling around after dark in a cemetery, unsupervised, seems unsafe at worst and disrespectful at best.

Cemeteries are intended to be places of quiet contemplation and memorial reflection. Although it may seem like innocent fun to hunt ghosts by moonlight in old graveyards, surely it was not the wish of those who erected monuments to their departed loved ones to have the graves

exposed to thrill seekers.

It was this less-than-respectful attitude that resulted in the desecration and vandalism of the historic cemeteries at Old Cahawba many years ago, a loss that is still painfully

felt by all who care about Dallas County’s historical resources.

The STJ should do all in its power to promote the preservation and respectful care of Live Oak Cemetery, and everything it can to discourage desecration of this beloved, consecrated space.

The same applies to the Adams’ Grove Cemetery in Sardis.

These sites are irreplaceable, and they deserve better care.


Michael V. Sims