Incident may lead to disciplinary action against assistant coach

Published 2:24 am Sunday, August 30, 2009

JACKSON, Ala. — An incident here during a football game between Meadowview Christian School and Jackson Academy could result in disciplinary action for a Meadowview assistant coach.

Assistant coach Robin Terry could also face legal charges, according to Meadowview Headmaster Dr. Michael J. Gaylor.

“A criminal investigation is going on. That is my understanding,” Gaylor said.

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Some point during the game Terry allegedly hit head coach Kenny Strong in the face with his fist.

Gaylor said he will meet with the Meadowview Christian School Board Monday to discuss the incident.

“We’re going to deal very forcefully with it,” the headmaster said.

At least one board member was contacted by The Selma Times-Journal, but declined to talk about the incident for publication.

Gaylor said he was sitting in the pressbox on the other side of the field when the incident occurred on the football field.

“It was a fairly one-sided altercation, from where I was standing,” he said.

Strong was apparently hit in the face.

Dick Brown, headmaster of Jackson Academy, said he is not sure what happened.

“I saw nothing,” Brown said Saturday evening when contacted at his home. “I know there was an event, but I’m not sure what happened.”

Brown said Meadowview fans would have a better idea of what occurred. Brown said law enforcement officers arrived on the field.

Gaylor said Terry left the field.

“I haven’t seen him since he left,” Gaylor said Saturday afternoon in a telephone interview.

A woman at the city jail in Jackson said Terry was brought to the police department and released earlier today. Terry’s name does not show up on the records at the Clark County Jail.

Terry could not be reached for comment.

Strong declined to talk about the incident until Monday when he “gets with the headmaster.”

Gaylor said he accompanied Strong to a Jackson-area hospital. The head coach suffered a black eye.

“No bones are broken,” Gaylor said.

A listing of staff on Meadowview Christian School’s Web site shows Terry teaches health and physical education at the school besides his duties as assistant coach.

Terry was hired this year. He was an assistant coach at Dallas County High School last year.

Gaylor said the school ran a background check on Terry when he was hired. Terry did not have a criminal history of violence, the headmaster said.

Sports editor Buster Wolfe and copy editor Barrett Welch contributed to this story.