Selma School Board candidates begin to qualify

Published 6:41 pm Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SELMA — Four candidates have filed qualifying papers to run for the city school board on Oct. 27.

Selma City Clerk Ivy Harrison said the candidates began qualifying Monday.

Those who have filed papers to run are Debra Reeves-Howard, District 4; Mactrica K. Shannon, District 2; Roderick V. West, District 1 and James E. Terry Jr., District 2.

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Reeves-Howard and West are incumbents.

“These are the first,” Harrison said Tuesday.

Candidates have until Sept. 15 to file qualifying papers with the city clerk, said Jimmy Nunn, city attorney.

“So anyone can come in and qualify at this point in time to be a candidate for a member of the school board or for the chairman,” the attorney said.

Absentee voting will begin Sept. 22, the same day the Selma City Council will vote on slates of officials to work at the polls on election day.

Voters will cast ballots for school board members, depending on which district they reside. The five districts are made up of city wards.

District 1 is composed of Ward 1 and Ward 2; District 2 is a combination of Ward 4 and Ward 5; District 3 is taken from Ward 3 and Ward 8; and District 4 is made up of Ward 6 and Ward 7.

Voters will select one at-large position to serve as school board president.

Each board member will serve for four years after this initial board serves for two years. After this first board serves its term, elections for school board members will coincide with city elections.

Eleven people sit on the Selma School Board. They are appointed by the city council.

In April voters decided they wanted an elected school board, instead of an appointed one.