Extra blues: They will save your life

Published 12:23 am Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If you were in Selma during the weekend, you probably noticed many Selma police officers cruising the streets. Undoubtedly, you also saw many blue lights and cars pulled over to the side of the road.

The increased number of officers on the road and the frequent stops are part of the police blitz under way in the city.

The police department received a grant to pay overtime for officers to work extra traffic details, looking specifically for people driving under the influence and for speeders.

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The detail will last until Sept. 7.

In May, police operated a similar program. In one 16-hour span, officers issued 48 citations, eight warnings and arrested one person for a misdemeanor.

It’s not pleasant to look in the rear view mirror and see those blue lights flashing. However, as officers have said, stopping speeders and drunk drivers saves lives.

The increased patrol also leads to more visibility on the streets. Law enforcement authorities have always argued the more police officers are seen on the streets, the greater the deterrence to crime.