Keep the reclaiming of Selma’s charm coming

Published 5:48 pm Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear Editor,

I am so glad to feel that there is finally a “ground swelling” of sorts against all the litter and abandoned buildings in our town.

I fear that we’ll one day become the next Uniontown. I understand that the city has budget cuts and employee shortages like other cities, but come on… I don’t know all the legalities involved but I know it doesn’t take eight years to get a burned house razed in a historic district, such as right behind Sturdivant Hall.

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So for all the commotion being raised about how bad our city is looking I say…”Let’s keep it up, it’s the type of uproar that is good.”

I’d like to also say that the city couldn’t do it all. It takes everyone to go outside their property line, or up and down their streets, or take just a little extra time to pick up around their homes, businesses, churches and schools. I thank folks like Robert Gordon and his son, Dr. Wiley Newton and Jackie Johnson to name a few who use their own time and energy do their part to help clean up Selma.

Let’s all do our part to help reclaim the charm and neatness that Selma had not to long ago, and let’s all keep this fight going. It’s the “good” kind.

Greg Bjelke