United Way needs your help to help the community

Published 8:46 pm Monday, August 17, 2009

Dear editor,

2009 so far has been a year, I know we all will be glad to see go. These have been some very hard times for many of our friends and neighbors.

We are all praying for the national and local economy to turn around. It is in these hard times that we all look to appreciate the things we have.

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We as a community are blessed to have many wonderful people working to help. The 15 partner organizations that your United Way helps to fund need your help.

These agencies have done heroic work in these difficult times.

The Bosco Nutrition Center continues to serve lunch everyday at no cost.

Boy Scouts still works with area youth to learn life’s lessons.

YMCA still gives kids a safe place to go.

Many of these organizations need our help desperately . The cost and demand for their services has increased as the number those in need have increased.

Houses still burn down, and the Red Cross and Salvation Army still respond to the call for help.

AIDS information, Sickle Cell education, and shelter for domestic violence are still being done.

I would be scared to death to live in a community were these kind of needs were not being met.

Please when the time comes and you are asked to support your community through the annual United Way campaign, consider the blessings you have, and make a gift.

Thank You

Jeff Cothran

Executive director

United Way of Selma & Dallas County