Southside alumni stop Selma

Published 12:36 am Sunday, August 16, 2009

SELMA — Players on both the Selma and Southside high school alumni teams said they enjoyed playing in Saturday night’s benefit basketball game.

The schools’ athletic department were the ones to benefit from the game’s proceeds.

The players benefited from the reunion-like spirit and camaraderie during the second annual event.

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Unlike last year’s 69-69 tie, however, this year’s game went to Southside, 105-89.

The teams played two 20-minute halves.

With Southside leading 63-51 at halftime, the possibility of a 69-69 repeat was definitely in doubt.

“If I had known they were going to load up the roster the way they did, I wouldn’t have turned some of our players away,” said Selma Athletics Director Patrick Evans, joking with Southside players.

Mickey Tyree of Southside’s alumni squad said he enjoyed the game.

“It was good to get together with former teammates,” he said.

Tyree was a member of Southside’s 1985 state championship team.

Selma’s Marcus Hannah, who is Wallace Community College-Selma’s athletics director, said helping the two schools was a plus.

“I was glad that we were able to help the kids at both schools,” he said.