Selma High stumbles out of gate

Published 12:38 am Friday, August 14, 2009

Selma High School’s 2009-10 school year hasn’t gotten off to the start administrators hoped for.

Scheduling and scheduling issues coupled with a new registrar have caused gaps in the class schedules and missed classroom time for some students.

“They’re spending more time away from the classrooms. They need to be in the classrooms,” said Selma City Schools Superintendent Dr. Austin Obasohan. “I’m very disappointed and disturbed that parents have had to go through that. I sincerely apologize, take full responsibility for it and will fix it.”

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Obasohan said Selma Early College experienced the same problems, but the problems should be fixed next week. He also said this was not a case of demand exceeding supply, but insufficient planning.

“It’s just that the framework, master schedule and coding — once that is in place, the counselor will be able to easily schedule the students in classes,” said Obasohan. “We need to put our heads together and plan a little differently next year and start early. We’re going to start early and make sure the right personnel are doing what they’re expected to do.”

When reached for comment, Selma High Principal Wanda McCall said the problems were not major.

“We haven’t encountered any major problems. Just the beginning of the school year like other high schools,” said McCall. “We haven’t turned anybody away.”

Selma City School Board President Ben Givan and PTO President Henry Hicks did not return multiple phone calls.

Obasohan emphasized the school board will do whatever is necessary to fix the problem and ensure these issues do not happen again.

“I will support them,” he said. “The board will support this high school with the resources needed, technology-wise, whatever is needed, personnel, whatever is needed to make sure we don’t go through this next year.

“We’re going to fix it. I just want to make sure that every child has a place at Selma High School,” he said.