Davis should pay attention to the job he holds

Published 12:29 am Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear editor,

With all the noise being made these days at town hall meetings over Obamacare (and rightly so), I’m wondering why our so-called representative in Congress, Artur Davis, isn’t holding a town hall meeting in Selma?

Yes, I know he’s running for governor (God willing, that’ll never happen), but he hasn’t resigned his job as U.S. representative for the 7th district of Alabama.

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He is still receiving his big salary paid for by taxpayers, so he is still working for us!

As I see it, he is obligated to hold public meetings with us, not as a candidate for governor, but as our representative.

This government takeover of health care is one of the largest power grabs by the government in history.

With all this being said, I think we all know where he stands on the issue. Remember he was Obama’s main man in Alabama during the campaign last year.

Seeing that Obama lost in Alabama, I’m sure Mr. Davis would prefer not being forced into defending his support of Obamacare for fear of hurting his bid to be governor.

Mr. Davis, either come defend your support for government health care, and take your medicine, or resign your seat in Congress!

Tommy Mobley