Motorist should slow down when children are present

Published 6:37 pm Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear Editor,

Do you ever have one of those “why” moments? Well, I recently had one of them while trying to get my daughter out of the car one morning at her day care. If anyone reading this has a 3-year-old, you all know how difficult this can be. Just as I persuaded her to leave the comfort of her car seat and step out onto the ground, a car came zipping past me and nearly spun us both around in a circle.

I thought to myself, “Why?”

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Why would you not slow down? Why don’t day cares have crossing guards and flashing lights and 15 m.p.h. speed limits? They are schools, too.

I realize that the city cannot possibly recognize every day care establishment because there are far too many. However, why would you as an adult not recognize them?

Furthermore, even if you are unaware of there being a school and/or day care on the street in which you are currently traveling down, one would reasonably assume that you would notice a mother and a young child exiting a vehicle and perhaps have the decency to slow down.

Please, from one citizen to another, have the courtesy to yield to a pedestrian, slow down in a school zone and acknowledge children getting out of vehicles at day care facilities, is it really going to slow you down that much?

Casey Sheets