Cleaning up the city

Published 6:39 pm Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A host of houses and properties all over the city have become known legally as nuisances. This means the structures are in such bad condition, the city has deemed them dangerous to the health and welfare of the public.

City officials have taken this role of cleaning up these structures seriously. Council members have sent numerous lists of structures to Mayor George Evans, who has forwarded them onto the city’s code enforcement department.

But not everyone is happy with the results. Some council members complained Tuesday night during a regular city hall meeting the houses are not showing up on the list in due time.

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Those working with the houses note the lists are long and they are working as hard as possible to get to the structures as quickly as they can.

Razing these structures is not only important to the health and welfare of Selma’s citizens; a cleaner city also speaks volumes to the thousands of tourists who come through here all during the year.

If Selma is to grow, clean-up needs to top the to-do list. If code enforcement is overwhelmed, the city should make all efforts to throw as many resources behind this department as possible.

After all, we only feel as good as we look. And first impressions with tourists could make all the difference in the future.