Hornets have a new attitude

Published 8:50 pm Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Dallas County football locker room used to look like a chicken coop.

“It used to be chicken wire in here,” said Robert Dolbare, the Hornets’ assistant coach for wide receivers and defensive backs.

Since first-year head coach Darryl Burns learned last May the team would be getting new uniforms, he and the coaches were on a mission this summer.

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They spent their vacation tearing out and sprucing up.

“We did a lot of work during the summer,” he said.

What used to be lockers have been replaced with university-quality wooden cubby holes that have a shelf for shoes, a locking cabinet and an extended sitting area.

Burns said the additions have made a difference.

“We wanted to make some changes,” Burns said. “We wanted to change the lockers, we wanted to change the uniforms and we wanted to change the attitude.”

The field house now sports 60 wooden lockers with slanted tops so nothing can get behind them. Each locker will hold the home and away Nike uniforms the Hornets will be wearing this year.

“We got Nike everything,” Burns said. “This is really some quality equipment.”

Burns said the change in attitude is evident in the players.

“The kids really like the uniforms and the lockers,” he said. “They have a lot of pride in them.”