Benjamin working for youth

Published 6:13 pm Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ask any student what they did the last few days before school starts back. Some might say they went on that last vacation. Others may have tried to pack in as much fun as possible in those dwindling hours.

However, one group of children can say they went to a conference to learn to better themselves. Unfortunately it is rare to encounter a kid who would give up the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday to learn about community development, technology and going green.

But maybe that’s because there hasn’t been much opportunity . . . until now.

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Thankfully, Councilwoman Angela Benjamin, along with a multitude of help, understands that kids will go to learn new and useful tools.

Benjamin was the driving force behind the Youth Conference that occurred this past week and she, along with the others who dedicated their time and effort, should be commended for doing an outstanding job for the city’s youth.

Her proactive spirit made a difference in so many young lives. It appears that many more will still be affected because the event is going to be annual.

Selma citizens owe a big “thank you” to Benjamin and those who helped shape the youth.