Shut down of shot houses needed

Published 7:53 pm Friday, August 7, 2009

Recently, a woman who lives in the Riverview area of Selma approached the Selma City Council and pleaded for someone to do something about the shot houses in the area.

For those who aren’t familiar with the lexicon, a shot house is a place to buy alcoholic beverages when the legal outlets are closed or forbidden by law to sell alcohol.

Apparently, the Selma Police Department heard her plea.

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Earlier this week, police officers arrested a Selma man accused of operating a small illegal bar out of his house in the evening. This particular operation was on Alabama Avenue.

For several weeks the council has talked about cracking down on businesses that operate illegally or without a license. Part of the price of doing business is paying for the license to operate that business. The revenue from that license goes to help city operations enjoyed by all citizens — police and fire protection, street overlay and repair and upkeep on public buildings to name a few.

Additionally, laws regarding sales of alcohol are there for a reason. Licenses to sell alcohol are required, just as businesses must purchase a license from the city. Background checks are conducted and neighborhoods must be considered. Those who operate in violation of those laws should be shut down.

The police department is doing the right thing and should shut down more of these illegal operations.