Dallas County Sheriff’s Department’s Monthly Report

Published 5:58 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Report for month of July

Sector 1(Plantersville, Summerfield, Valley Grande and Potters Station): burglary-4, assault second-degree-1, assault third-degree-11, theft of property first-degree-3, theft of property second-degree-5, theft of property third-degree-6, unauthorized use of a motor vehilce-1, breaking and entering of a motor vehicle-2, forgery-1, discharging firearm into vehilce-1, deceased person-2, criminal mischief-4, ungovernable behavior-1, fire-1, reckless endangerment-1, harassment-11, harassing communication-5, criminal trespass-3, civil matter-6, lost property-2, other-4 and total for sector one-75

Sector 2 (Pine Glenn, Southside, Sardis and Minter): rape-1, robbery-1, burglary-4, assault first-degree-1, assault second-degree-1, assault third-degree-5, theft of a motor vehicle-1, theft of property first-degree-1, theft of property second-degree-8, theft of property third-degree-12, unauthorized use of a motor vehilce-1, breaking and entering of a motor vehicle-3, criminal mischief-8, ungovernable behavior-1, other sex crimes-1, reckless endangerment-1, harassment-5, harassing communications-3, civil matter-3, lost property -2, other-3 and total for sector two-66

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Sector 3 (Marion Junction, Orrville, Five Points and Safford): robbery-1, burglary-1, assault third-degree-8, theft of property first-degree-2, theft of property first-degree-2, unauthorized use of a motor vehilce-1, forgery-1, criminal mischief-4, fire-1, other sex crimes-1, harassment-5, harassing communications-1, lost property- 1 and total for sector three- 29

Offense totals for July: rape-1, robbery-2, burglary-9, assault first-degree-1, assault second-degree-2, assault third-degree-24, theft of a motor vehilce-1, theft of property first-degree-6, theft of property second-degree-13, theft of property third-degree-20, unauthorized use of a motor vehilce-3, breaking and entering of a motor vehicle-5, forgery-2, discharging firearm into vehicle-1, deceased person-2, criminal mischief-16, ungovernable behavior-2, fire-2, other sex crimes-2, reckless endangerment-2, harssment-21, harassing communications-9, criminal trespass-3, civil matter-9, lost property-5, other and total offenses for Dallas County in July-170