Perhaps the city officials are listening

Published 12:42 am Sunday, August 2, 2009

Residents of Selma have gathered at three meetings to air out issues about the upcoming $10 million bond issue.

The gatherings have drawn diverse groups, for the most part. But a single issue has emerged from each meeting: infrastructure.

Mayor George Evans hears the complaints about poor drainage, streets filled with potholes and terra cotta sewage pipes so old they leak like sieves.

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At the last town meeting at Meadowview Elementary, Evans talked about the deplorable condition of Marie Foster Street when he last drove down the thoroughfare.

Several street repair and overlay projects are on the proposed bond issue list. Several sewage projects also appear on the bond issue list.

But not enough. Even city officials agree to this.

A majority of the proposed bond issue projects focus on machinery purchases and public building rehabilitation.

Much of the heavy equipment used by public works or the cemetery department was purchased eight to 10 years ago.

Police cars on the road 24 hours a day, for the most part, have lasted about five years. A fire truck needing replacement dates back to 1988.

What this says is there has been no plan for replacement of equipment, building renovation or infrastructure upgrades for more than a decade.

We hope city officials are listening and a plan is under way to take care of what we have.