Finding and helping a friendly ghost from the past

Published 6:37 pm Friday, July 31, 2009

My name is David. I was 25 years old when this story took place.

I was on U.S. Highway 80 in-between Selma and White Hall when I saw a Confederate soldier. He was white, 5 feet 8 inches with dark-colored hair, and was just walking on the side of the road.

I thought I was seeing things but it wasn’t so. I followed the man for a short period and he went through some woods and he stopped and looked down at the ground. I asked, “Is this where you are buried?” He said nothing. I asked again, but all he did was point.

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I turned around and started to say something to him, but he wasn’t there.

I wasn’t scared but I took off running and finally returned to my vehicle. To my surprise, he was walking towards me.

Again he went right back to the same area. This went on for about two or three hours. I finally got up enough courage to ask him his name. He looked at me and tried to speak but not a word came out or a sound.

So if you’re ever coming to Montgomery on Highway 80 east between Selma and White Hall and you see the lonely soldier, all he’s trying to do is go home to his family.

David Morris