Ward 5 focuses on sewage

Published 10:19 pm Thursday, July 30, 2009

Residents from across the city seemed to favor infrastructure projects that would see better drainage and sewage than purchase items, such as tractors and backhoes in the proposed $10 million bond issue under consideration.

At least that was the general consensus in a bond issue meeting in Ward 1 Thursday night at Meadowview Elementary School.

Anne Fitts, who lives in Ward 5, stood before the audience and talked about the need for a better sewage system.

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“We need work on the sewage system, instead of purchasing items that will last 10 to 20 years,” she said.

A handful of projects totaling about $1.8 million are scheduled under the proposed bond issue. Those projects are not set in stone. The list is a working list, according to Mayor George Evans, and the city might add others.

The sewage system in the city was built before 1950, according to a presentation by the city. Those pipes are mostly terra cotta. Terra cotta is one of the oldest materials used for plumbing, even dating back to the Middle Ages in Europe.

“I know we need these projects. We need more than this,” Evans said, “but you can only do so many projects with $10 million.”

The bond issue is scheduled for a vote on Oct. 27.

Other items proposed on the bond issue:

Cemetery Department: backhoe, $50,000; zero turn mower, $7,500; pickup truck, $20,000;

Fire Department: engine company fire truck, $350,000; rescue company truck, $225,000; repair to chief’s office, $7,500; repairs to Fire Station No. 2, $180,000; repairs to Fire Station No. 3, $127,000; repairs to Fire Station No. 4, $78,000; and repairs to Fire Station No. 5, $30,000;

Information Technology Department : business application financial management server upgrade, $482,000; wired/wireless solution, $$2.1 million; public safety video surveillance system, $400,000;

Planning and Development Department: Riverfront Park amphitheater, $641,844;

Police Department: complete building renovation, $349,199; upgrade/replace patrol and detective division fleet, $841,258; upgrade/replace patrol division equipment, $574,961.55;

Public Buildings: Animal Shelter new roof, $52,832; City Hall, $475,500; Convention Center, $101,997; Performing Arts Center, $124,098; Red School House/Red Cross Building: $55,000; Vaughan-Smitherman Museum, $116,539; White Force Cottage, $15,500;

Public Works Department: automated garbage truck, $188,426; Freightliner M2 unit, $322,953; tractor/Bush Hog (3), $165,000; overhead loader, $325,000; Whirlwind sweeper, $190,000; mini excavator, $52,376.16; trailer, $12,350.21; push cable video system, $6,875;

Sanitary sewer improvements: main trunk line behind old Wal-Mart, $103,960; Franklin Street (First Avenue to Philpot Avenue) and Philpot Avenue (Franklin Street to Green Street), Ward 5, $182,600; Jerome Street (First Avenue to Philpot Avenue behind CHAT Academy), Ward 7, $84,900; King Street (Dallas Avenue to Montgomery Avenue), Ward 3, $258,200; Parkman Avenue (King Street to Pettus Street), Ward 3, $92,200; Parkman Avenue (Young Street to Dallas Avenue), Ward 3, $124,750; 304 & 306 Second Avenue, $30,000;

Street reconstruction and resurfacing: Marie Foster (Jeff Davis Avenue to Highland Avenue), Ward 6, $125,210; Water Avenue (Franklin Street to City Limits), Ward 8, $361,885; Franklin Street (Water Avenue to Cloverdale Road) Wards 4,5,&8, $343,490; First Avenue (Marie Foster to Lapsley Street), Wards 6 & 7, $112,085; Lapsley Street (Dallas Avenue to First Avenue), Wards 3 & 7, $152,360; Sumerfield road (First Avenue to Woodrow Avenue), Ward 7, $164,880; Woodrow Avenue (Citizens Parkway to cul-de-sac), Ward 4, $189,210; Old Orrville Road (Crescent Hill Drive to Alabama Highway 219), Ward 1, $247,315; Martin Luther King Street (Jeff Davis Avenue to Water Avenue), $94,425;

Recreation Department: renovation of Memorial Stadium and Bloch Park, $628,912; Memorial Stadium lighting, $214,000; Memorial Stadium sound system, $40,000; resurface track, $100,000; Bloch Park lighting, $135,000; resurface tennis courts at Memorial Stadium and Selma High School, $48,000; power rake, $12,000; zero turn mower (2), $16,000; portable bleachers (10 sets), $13,000; side line benches for football field (8), $12,800; track equipment (discus cage), $1,800; protection tarps for track, $3,000; vacuum trash collection vehicle, $35,000; City Marina, $100,000;

Selma Public Library: exterior work, $87,409; interior work, $136,700; exterior structural work, $23,950; HVAC systems, $27,746;

General government: existing contracts to recoup from general funds: garbage carts, $163,400.28; garbage and trash trucks, $98,420.85; capital equipment purchase, $201,696.07.