Bond issue meeting sees adjustment to project list

Published 12:15 am Wednesday, July 22, 2009

About 50 people gathered around tables or sat on couches in the library at Selma High School and listened to Mayor George Evans talk about the proposed city bond issue.

The bond issue referendum is set for Oct. 27. It is uncertain exactly how much the issue will total, but it should range from $10 million to $15 million.

“It’s a good turnout,” said B.J. Smothers, administrative assistant to the mayor, who admitted to surprise at the number of people who turned out for the initial bond meeting.

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Many who attended Tuesday night’s meeting were interested citizens, who asked probing questions about the bond issue and just what would be included.

Smothers passed out a couple of sheets of proposed projects as Evans spoke.

“This is a work in progress,” he said, holding up the sheets of bond projects listed by department.

Those who attended the meeting were asked to select items on the sheets they approved of and to mark those they thought voters should not have to consider on a ballot.

Evans said city officials would decide the final lists based on need and on how those attending the meeting voted. Those participating at Selma High had the opportunity to add projects they deemed necessary.

The city will adjust the lists accordingly, Evans said.

Former Selma City Councilwoman Jannie Venter said most of the projects on the list had appeared on the last bond issue list proposed by former Mayor James Perkins Jr.

That bond issue of a year ago did not pass.

Evans said many of the items on the previous bond issue ballot were needed, but voters were asked to vote for all or nothing and some voters thought some of the items were not needed.

Councilwoman Bennie Ruth Crenshaw said she has many questions about the items on the lists. She encouraged people in her Ward 7 to come to the next meeting prepared to ask questions.

The next meeting is 6 p.m. at CHAT Academy on Thursday.

The projects on the updated list given to those before the meeting included:

Building Inspector’s Office

Department Truck, $20,000

Cemetery Department

Backhoe, $50,000; zero turn mowers (2), $15,000; pickup trucks (2), $40,000; repair copings and historical monuments, $60,000

Finance Department

Check writer, $9,500; software and fiber optic connection to the courthouse, $140,000

Fire Department

Fire apparatus, $950,000; engine company fire trucks (2), $700,000; rescue company trucks, $225,000; chief’s office, $7,500; fire station No. 2, $180,000; fire station No. 3, $127,000; fire station No. 4, $78,000; fire station No. 5, $30,000

Information Technology

Business application financial management server upgrade, $357,000; personnel and community development software, $125,000; wired/wireless solution, $2.1 million; public safety video surveillance system, $400,000

Planning and Development Department

Riverfront Park Amphitheater, $641,844

Police Department

Complete building maintenance, $396,781; upgrade/replace patrol and detective division fleet, $841,258; upgrade/replace patrol division equipment, $574,961.55

Public Buildings

Animal shelter, $2,832; City Hall, $475,500; Convention Center, $101,997; Performing Arts Center, $131,098; Red School House/Red Cross Building, $5,000; Vaughan Smitherman Museum, $116,539; White Force Cottage, $15,500

Public Works Department

Automated garbage truck, $188,426; Freightliner M2 units (3), TBD; tractor/Bush Hog (3), $165,000; overhead loader, $325,000; Whirlwind sweeper, $190,000; mini excavator, $51,376.16; trailer, $12,350.21; push cable video system, $6,875; seven-yard dump truck, $7,636; sanitary sewer improvements, $846,610; main trunk line behind old Wal-Mart, $103,960; Franklin Street and Philpot Avenue (First Avenue to Philpot Avenue and Franklin Street to Green Street), $182,600; Jerome Street (First Avenue to Philpot Avenue behind CHAT Academy), $84,900; King Street (Dallas Avenue to Montgomery Avenue), $258,200; Parkman Avenue (King Street to Pettus Street), $92,200; Parkman Avenue (Young Street to Dallas Avenue), $124,750; street reconstruction and resurfacing, $1,790,860; Marie Foster (Jeff Davis Avenue to Highland Avenue), $125,210; Water Avenue (Franklin Street to City Limits) $361885; First Avenue (Marie Foster to Lapsley Street), $112,085; Franklin Street (Water Avenue to Cloverdale Road,) $343,490; Lapsley Street (Dallas Avenue to First Avenue), $152,360; Summerfield Road (First Avenue to Woodrow Avenue), $164,880; Woodrow Avenue (Citizens Parkway to cul-de-sac), $189,210; Old Orrville Road (Crescent Hill Drive to Alabama Highway 219), $247,315; Martin Luther King Street (Jeff Davis Avenue to Water Avenue), no amount given

Recreation Department

Memorial Stadium/ Bloch Park: bathrooms, dressing rooms, seating, concession stand, Ram Shack and press box, $628,912; stadium lighting, $214,000; stadium sound system, $40,000; resurface track, $100,000; Bloch Park lighting, $135,000; resurface tennis courts at stadium and Selma High School, $48,000; power rake, $12,000; zero turn mower (2), $16,000; portable bleachers (10 sets), $13,000; sideline benches for football field, $12,800; track equipment (discus cage), $1,800; protection tarps for track, $3,000; vacuum trash collection vehicle, $35,000

Selma Public Library

Exterior work, $87,409; interior work, $136,700; exterior structural work, $23,950; HVAC systems, $27,746.56