Gas prices always marked much higher for Selma

Published 9:12 pm Friday, July 17, 2009

Dear editor

First if all, I would like to thank the Selma City Council for addressing the high gas prices in Selma.

I have been following the gas prices in all areas surrounding us, as well as nationally, through a Web site,

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I find that Selma is at least 22 cents higher for name brand gasoline in Detroit, Mich. as well as other cities all over the US.

Selma is at least 20 cents higher than cities close by. We filled our car yesterday in Prattville for $2.29 per gallon (20 cents cheaper than Selma).

Since we go over there to buy gas, we eat and shop there. We would love to buy things here, but refuse to be gouged by the gas dealers in Selma.

Paul Veach