Tips to keep your kids innocent

Published 12:19 am Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Many sex offenders are also pedophiles, which means they usually prey on children.

Nothing hurts more than for a child to lose his or her innocence early in life at the hands of someone who would exploit that child without a second thought. Then the child must walk the long, winding road of police investigations and courtrooms. And if, only if, the assailant is put away, then begins the process of healing.

As you read in today’s issue of The Selma Times-Journal, the healing is a long road and even after six years with this child it is incomplete.

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So how does one protect their children?

Know who your child is with. Even if the person is a family friend you might not know the person’s background. Be careful.

Instruct your child about good touches and bad touches. Listen to your child, so he or she will understand they can talk about anything with their parents.

Let your children know that people who say something is a secret from your parents are up to no good.

The best way to battle sex crimes against children is to listen to them and for them to trust you enough to talk to you.