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Published 4:20 pm Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here’s the agenda and blog is below

To: Mayor George Evans

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Attorney Jimmy Nunn

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From: Dr. Geraldine Allen

Council President

The following will be the agenda items for the regularly scheduled meeting of the Selma City Council to be held on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 at 5:00 p.m., in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

Call to Order

Invocation – Pastor David Nichols

Crosspoint Christian Church Recovery Pastor

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes: June 23, 2009 – Regular Meeting

Citizens’ Request (Presentation will be limited to 3-5 minutes)

Ms. Gail Coulson

Re: Riverview Neighborhood concerns

Ms. Edna Bender

Re: J. L. Chestnut Boulevard street signs

Mrs. Nancy Sewell

Re: RIF (Reading is Fundamental)

Ms. Kimesha Alvarado

Re: Circle of Love Youth Buy-Back Program

Mr. James Parker

Re: Placement of speed breakers on Eugene Avenue

Citizens’ Request Continued (Presentation will be limited to 3-5 minutes)

Mrs. Cicely Curtis, Ms. Akilah Posey and Representative Yusuf Salaam

Re: Think Tank/Community Builders Educational Excellence Event

Mayor’s Report

Attorney’s Report

Business Items

I. Noise Ordinance (Council President Dr. Geraldine Allen)

II. Residency requirement (Councilman Dr. Cecil Williamson)

III. First Annual Youth Conference—August 6-8, 2009 (Councilwoman Angela Benjamin)

IV. Industrial Development Board appointments (Councilman Dr. Cecil Williamson)

V. Club licenses (Councilman Dr. Cecil Williamson)

VI. Gas prices in Selma (Council President Dr. Geraldine Allen)

VII. Update on old agenda items (Council President Dr. Geraldine Allen)

VIII. Closing remarks by each council member (2 minutes limit)

Standing Committee Reports

Recreation – Councilman Samuel Randolph, Chairperson

Administrative – Councilwoman Dr. Monica Newton, Chairperson

Public Safety – Councilman Corey Bowie, Chairperson

Community Development – Councilwoman Angela Benjamin, Chairperson

Public Works/General Services – Councilman Benny Tucker, Chairperson

Discretionary – Council President Dr. Geraldine Allen, Chairperson

Selma-Dallas Youth Ambassadors – Councilwoman Bennie Ruth Crenshaw, Chairperson

Children & Families – Councilwoman Angela Benjamin, Chairperson