Selma native recalls disappointing visit

Published 8:57 pm Friday, July 10, 2009

Dear Editor

I made a depressing visit over the 4th of July

weekend to this historical town of Selma Alabama a place I once called home as a little girl 14 years ago. What has happened to this town that so many great people during the civil rights movement fought for. it was a disgrace to visit. There were so many abandon homes it appeared lifeless, thug infested and trashy.

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This is not the Selma that I and so many people remembered. It appeared as if it was the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I cant believe the city has allowed the human destruction to take over.

Once great childhood memories are now just that. Businesses ,homes and entire neighborhoods covered with knee high grass and boarded up windows.I saw the signs along the highways saying, “Don’t Litter Keep Alabama Beautiful” and I laughed to myself sayingt hey apparently they haven’t seen Selma lately.And people up north often say southerners are so nice and was proven a lie by the workers at the many restaurants we visited. workers were often rude to my many family members and what was up with the Sonics worker that had the orange hair rollers in her hair? I’m not in anyway trying to diss anyone; I’m just trying to make someone realize the how unsightful and disappointing of a visit this was for my family that after moving away from a place we used to still call home.

This trip was a huge eye opener to all of us that we will never forget where we come from that’s way we will never go back. Selma holds a lot of memories for a lot of our ancestors and to just be trashed on and forgotten is heart wrenching to me.

Selma has to get it together. Stop allowing the people to tear it down because that’s all I noticed happening.

Monica Hains

Coshocton, Ohio