Be informed before you vote

Published 8:54 pm Friday, July 10, 2009

A recent unscientific poll at indicated most people would not attend meetings to discuss a proposed bond issue for the City of Selma.

We can only shake our heads at such short-sightedness among those who voted in the poll.

Mayor George Evans plans a meeting in every ward of the city. He plans to go over in great detail the items on the proposed list for the bond issue. He has said quite publicly he wants the citizens of Selma to talk back.

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How can those citizens talk back if they do not participate in the meetings?

The vote on this bond issue is important. It will not raise taxes. The bond fund already has enough money in it to pay for the issue. If the bond issue should pass, many years would go by before the city would see another one.

That means cherry picking time is here. It’s time to reach for those projects that are important to the most people in the community.

Voters who do not attend these public meetings; voters who do not participate in these public meetings will not have enough information to determine their futures and that of their children and even their grandchildren.

This is too important to wait and see.

It’s time to get up and participate.