New program full of positives

Published 6:59 pm Saturday, June 27, 2009

Discipline. Motivation. Leadership.

These are key training points of ROTC. Every student who has marched through a high school ROTC program realizes those issues.

Now, when Concordia’s fall semester begins, students who enroll in the school will have an opportunity to participate in the program. This should help the four-year college several ways.

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First, ROTC is a recruiting tools. It brings in students familiar with the program; it links the college with the military and brings in some grants for the college. Students from all over have traditionally been pulled to schools with ROTC programs because of what they represent.

Secondly, Concordia has worked closely with Marion Military Institute, which recently closed down its secondary education portion because of a lack of students. However, the program, including Lt. Col. Nicolas Britto, executive officer for the ROTC Department at MMI will lead the mission.

Right now, the school is working to develop the program to keep it within the guidelines that would accomplish goals for students — turn them into leaders; help them to focus and celebrate a portion of their heritage.

For the school the initiation of an ROTC class will help the school by enabling students to transfer from their high schools and directly into the program. A good many of these students already have the discipline and motivation. It’s a good reason for recruitment.