Honor a fallen soldier

Published 9:36 pm Friday, June 26, 2009

Today, a man who gave his life for our country will be laid to rest.

The body of U.S. Army Sgt. Ricky Dewayne “Mo-Joe” Jones will be returned to the site where he achieved both academically and athletically, Dallas County High School.

From there, he will be interned at Elyton Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery.

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Regardless of your view of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq or the enlisted services, this is a young man that deserves gratitude for sacrificing that which many of us cannot fathom.

The same can be said for his friends and family, left behind to deal with the loss of a son, grandson, nephew, brother and father.

It has often been said that the greatest tragedy for a parent is to outlive a child.

The truth in that statement applies today, perhaps even more because this is a child who put himself in harm’s way for his country.

If the procession should pass you while you are out running errands or pursuing some form of fun on a Saturday, take a moment to honor a brave young man that paid the ultimate sacrifice.