Celebrate manhood

Published 12:05 am Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear editor,

KUDOS to Tom Purcell’s Op Ed piece in the Thursday STJ on “buffoonish fathers.” It is about time somebody stood up for the diminishing male in society. On most TV commercials, sitcoms and even dramatic series, men are too often portrayed as incompetent oafs who need a woman to give simple directions like how to heat a can of soup.

ENOUGH ALREADY! Not to take away from strong women, but men have to take a stand where God put them and not allow themselves to be trashed.

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Of course there are stupid men, just like there are stupid women. Of course there are incompetent men, with equally incompetent women. But when we take away a male person’s manhood, we don’t build up a lady’s femininity, we diminish both.

God made man and woman to complement each other, completing what each needs. Let’s celebrate the role of both women AND men as they were meant to be . . . equal with different roles, strengths and capabilities. For Father’s Day, let’s celebrate manhood again.

Wayne Craft

Valley Grande