Officers take to two wheels

Published 12:25 am Saturday, June 20, 2009

There are a few bicyclists in Selma, but not like the group that has recently hit the streets.

The Selma Police Department has reinstated the bike patrol.

Officers go out to high crime neighborhoods and patrol the area all on two wheels. The idea behind the unit is to provide stealth-like approach while building community relations.

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There are many benefits to the program — no maintenance cost and access to places cars cannot go.

An instructor from Nashville will train the officers further as well.

Selmians should not only mind the officers on bikes, but also appreciate their hard work. The program is a creative way to stave crime in the city and every little bit helps.

The program was in effect several years ago, but was phased out. It’s good to see it come back.

So keep an eye out for officers on bike. They are logging in miles a day to help clean up crime. For that, all of Selma and the surrounding areas should thank them.