Area fathers reminisce over past Father’s Days

Published 1:01 am Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fathers’ Day is a time for fathers to enjoy time with their children and remember the good times they’ve had while being a dad.

“I enjoyed all of them,” Edward Lanier said sitting outside Wal-Mart. Lanier, a father of 38 years, has two girls and one boy between the ages of 32 and 38. “I enjoyed just spending time with my children.”

Lanier’s three children will be coming back to Selma this weekend from north Alabama to see their 63-year-old father.

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Other people like 66-year-old Terry Hewitt recalled that the way to have a great Fathers’ Day is to simply have family with you.

“My favorite Father’s Day with my children were when they were little and I just had them around,” Hewitt said. “My grandchildren are coming this weekend with my son and we’re going to have a little get together on Saturday.”

The other side of Fathers’ Day is the fathers rejoicing in there own fatherhood.

“My favorite Fathers’ Day is the first day I was a father,” Hewitt said, “There’s nothing else like it. It’s the best feeling in the world, and when the second one comes it starts all over again.”

Other ways to celebrate and make memories of Fathers’ Day is to get out and enjoy the day with your children and make sure they have a good day.

“We always like to go fishing, camping or go on a picnic,” Walter Myers Jr. said. “When you’re with your family, children and grandchildren, and they’re all safe and happy there’s a closeness that you feel, that’s the role of being a father.” Myers will be 55 this September.

Sometimes that just can’t be, whether your children are working or you are or both. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. In these tough economic times sacrifices have to be made in order to see that your family is fed and bills are paid. In these times that’s the role of being a father.

“I worked on all mine,” Jimmy Rogers, 52, said. “By Sunday I’ll be in California, or somewhere in between. You just got to make money when it’s there to be made.”

So whether you are planning a great little getaway or just having a small family get together this Sunday go and enjoy your day. And if you’re out working to take care of your family this day is yours also, so remember your role and have a Happy Fathers’ Day.