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No excuses:It is time to hold hearings

Once again we have a story of a missing vehicle prior to Chief William Riley’s watch. But the controversy falls on his watch. The investigative report in today’s edition of The Selma Times-Journal is all there is.

The incident was leaked bit by bit on the street before an official report was given to the Selma City Council. Some members of the council asked questions in public. Others shook their heads.

If the city is to put these issues behind it, there must be an accounting. The best way for a public accounting is for the city council to hold public hearings and investigate what has happened leading up to the present.

For instance, nobody has given a clear answer to the thousands of dollars missing from the safe during former Chief Jimmy Martin’s watch. Nobody knows how many cars went missing during that time.

The council has full authority to hold hearings and bring people who were on the police department before it. The council may also bring people currently employed by the police department before hearings.

The council is a legislative body. It sets policy. To better understand and establish policy, a full-blown hearing into these issues must be held. A majority of the council has voted against holding these hearings. This is not in the best interest of the city.