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Arrest Report

Incident report from 7 a.m. Sunday to 7 a.m. Monday

Jessica Hall, 20, 1600 Vine Street, fraudulent use of credit card (two counts), two $15,000 bonds, in jail

Shaviskie McKinney, 18, 80 Mel Bailey Drive, domestic violence assault third degree, $500 bond, in jail

Learnest Pullom, 37, 1006 Church Hill Avenue, driving under the influence, $1,000 bond, in jail

Anthony Caver, 20, 9632 River Road, criminal trespassing third degree/disorderly conduct/ resisting arrest, three $500 bonds, in jail

Clarence Davis, 52, 1813 Lauderdale Street, possession of drug paraphernalia, $500 bond in jail