Rec Dept. makes city proud

Published 10:58 pm Saturday, June 13, 2009

As a vital part of the community, the Selma Recreation Department provides opportunities for residents of every age to participate.

For example, the Cap League is a learning experience for 4-year-olds who want to play organized baseball when they get older. They must have four things: a cap, a glove, athletic-type shoes and the desire to be part of a team.

Selma’s Recreation Department also provides at least one activity for its elder citizens. The East Selma Fish Pond is open only to anyone 55 years or older from 7-11 a.m. Mondays during June. Officials hope to add this same activity for seniors in the fall.

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For everyone else between 4 and 54 years old, activities abound for a town the size of Selma. Summertime — when school-aged children are looking for activities — is crucial for a recreation department.

Selma’s department responds with seven playgrounds, a swimming pool, tennis lessons and basketball leagues. And don’t forget the thousands of baseball and softball players who fill the city’s fields.

Ask anyone who has lived in a town without a recreation department. Residents are forced to find something to do. Unfortunately, what they find may not be good for themselves or the community.

Selma is blessed to have an active and vital recreation department.