Public Safety Committee approves new business regulations

Published 12:01 am Friday, June 12, 2009

People who lease public buildings may soon discover new rules.

The Selma City Council Public Safety Committee approved a set of regulations Thursday to help keep down mischief when residents lease public buildings. The committee will pass along those rules to the full council for its approval when the body meets again June 23.

Mayor George Evans brought up the issue Tuesday during the city council meeting, three days after a fight broke out at the Carl Morgan Convention Center during a going-away party for a local resident. Selma police responded, but the fight was so intense the police called the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department for help.

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In the end, police arrested five teenagers and charged them with various misdemeanor crimes.

The recommendations:

The person leasing the public building must have two certified off-duty police officers in uniform and two security guards to work the entire event. The officers will be paid for by the person or group holding the event, said Council member Corey Bowie, chairman of the Public Safety Committee.

No loitering.

No hoods or bandannas to be worn by those attending.

Lights must be on at all times. No dim lights. Bowie pointed out that many times, the DJ on the site will turn down the lights or turn them off and use a single “disco” light for the event.

Each participant must go through a metal detector before being allowed on the premises.