Uniontown escapees captured in North Dakota

Published 7:13 pm Saturday, June 6, 2009

At around midnight Friday, Joshua Southwick, Ashton Mink, Jacqueline Mink and Angela Mink were allegedly involved in the robbery of a video store in North Dakota.

As they fled the video store they became involved in a vehicle pursuit with local law enforcement and state troopers. Shots were exchanged during the pursuit and law enforcement lost them after the escapees turned off the lights to the vehicle.

Local law enforcement started a reverse 911, calling each resident in the local area to alert them to the situation.

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At about 12:45 a.m., law enforcement located the fugitives in an outbuilding on private property near the town of Dickinson. Local law enforcement immediately set up a perimeter to contain the fugitives.

Officers located the 2000 GMC Jimmy, known to be in the fugitives’ possession and associated with the video store robbery, at the residence. Initially, the fugitives refused to surrender or negotiate. SWAT teams from Bismark, Dickinson and Minot, N.D., responded to provide 24-hour coverage.

The SWAT team delivered cigarettes and a cell phone to the subjects, utilizing a robot. Through their negotiations they confirmed that the suspects were Ashton Mink, Joshua Southwick, Jacqueline Mink and Angela Mink.

At about 2:25 pm, as law enforcement continued negotiations, Joshua Southwick and Angela Mink walked out, appearing to surrender to police. Simultaneously, Ashton Mink and his wife, Jacqueline, ran out the back of the building handcuffed together, in an effort to escape. Ashton was firing a handgun toward law enforcement officers, and it appeared that Jacqueline was also armed. Police returned fire, striking Ashton Mink. Jacqueline Mink also suffered a gunshot wound to the chest. Neither injury was fatal.

After the scene was secured, it was discovered that Ashton had additional handguns in his waistband. A rifle was recovered from the outbuilding.

They have been transported to area hospitals and are under guard by the Stark County Sheriff’s Office. Their conditions are unknown.

Southwick and Angela Mink were taken into custody and are being held at the Stark County Jail. Neither was armed when taken into custody.

All four fugitives face attempted murder of a police, and armed robbery charges in North Dakota.

All involved law enforcement officers are being debriefed. No law enforcement officers were injured in this incident.