Something for $20? No problem

Published 11:59 pm Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Though more than two weeks remain before the next opportunity to “spend $20 on the 20th,” it never hurts to get a head start when searching for bargains.

The concept is part of the “Spend Twenty Dollars” movement.

The premise is simple. Every month on the 20th, take $20 and spend it locally. During hard times, shoppers decide about money issues based on what they think might happen to the economy. They hold on to their money.

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But, when customers spend less, the economic problems worsen. It’s like a vicious cycle: don’t spend and the economy gets worse.

More than 20 area businesses offered special deals on May 20 as part of the movement.

Most saw increased foot traffic and sales, and are anxious to offer another product for area shoppers to purchase when June 20 rolls around.

On-Time Fashions offered a 2-for-$20 deal on men’s shorts, and almost ran out. The shorts are now $12.98 apiece, but owner Zuher Dabit said he will bring the deal back for customers who mention it.

“It did real good. We had an awesome reaction off of it,” said Dabit. “Basically, it got the market moving a little bit. People came out. Even though everybody’s doing bad, $20 is still not that much to spend out of somebody’s pocket.”

On-Time Fashions has $20 deals on T-shirts (3-for-$20), school uniform shirts (3-for-$20) and Bob Marley T-shirts (2-for-$20).

There are a variety of products throughout the store for less than $20.

Shoe Palace saw a 30-40 percent increase in foot traffic on May 20, largely due to a $20 discount on products throughout the store.

“I think it’s a good idea because it brings money back to Selma,” said Shoe Palace owner Dorita West. “I think it’s a wonderful idea and helps businesses and Selma grow.”

That discount will not be in place this time around, but the store will offer deals on other items.

Several bracelets and earrings are available for less than $15 and Yellow Box sandals are two pair for $35.

Sears did not see the boon it hoped for, but did see an increase in customers nonetheless.

“Anything to bring traffic in, the way the economy is,” said store manager Jacque Kelly.

Sears offered two $20 specials on May 20 — a yoga kit that retails for $40 and a garden hose. Other products are routinely around $20 — hose nozzles, flashlights, multimeters, grill brushes, digital cables, vacuum cleaner filters and others.

Kelly is uncertain of the deals the store will offer in two weeks, but said she will know more in the future.