Board should focus on teachers’ transfers

Published 10:36 pm Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thursday night the Selma City School Board of Education will sit down with teachers and education support staff who were involuntarily transferred to another school.

The people being transferred will be petitioning why they should not move from their original place during a conference.

Each person will determine whether their meeting is closed or open. The board has no decision on this matter.

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Some members of the board Tuesday night during a work session began to slightly step back from Superintendent Dr. Austin Obasohan’s recommendation, which they passed by voting.

The superintendent addressed the concern saying the facts have not changed from when the matter was voted so he doesn’t see why their minds would change.

Several board members said each other were influenced by the upcoming elections deciding who would be placed on the school board.

It is truly sad to see certain board members playing politics and flip-flopping when a person’s livelihood is on the line.

Obasohan said he still supports his decisions and even if it meant theoretically having to move his wife from one school to another he would if it was the best way to serve the students.

On Thursday night the board needs to forget about the elections and look at the individuals sitting in front of them pleading their cases. That is the best way to show they are qualified for the job.